Paige Smith is a visionary. Filling the streets of downtown Los Angeles with her beauty.

She has a graphic design background which translates in her work. Geometry, lines, architecture; key words that appears as a result in her work. The holes in the walls of random streets are handfilled with paper and resin casts. The artist is mostly using 3D shapes.

The landscape of those giant urban buildings is embellished with shimmering little pieces of jewels.

This project is called: Urban Geode.

Paige Smith, also known as Common Name3

Paige (a.k.a A Common Name) says she wishes through her work to: “signal(s) the tension between nature and industry and celebrate(s) the beauty of urban space.”

She is basically creating a splendid diversion from the brutal reality of the streets using her freedom and imagination.

Lots of findings can be discovered randomly in life. Now it’s up to the tourist/wanderer/worker… to be present, and conscious as he/she walks up and down those common streets.

The project has recently taken a new other level as Urban Geode is expanding throughout the world. Installations have been set up in Madrid, Bali, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Istanbul and can go further if people are willing to participate ind install themselves (YES!) those type of treasures in their cities.


paigesmith-lastreetart-geode12 hollywood blvd geode-2 arts districts Paige Smith, also known as Common Name