Tamara Akcay works as an art critic for online and printed publications, using her experience as a creator to approach arts with imagination and sensitivity.

She moved to London from Paris where she studied marketing at Paris IX, followed by two fashion certificates at Esmod and Studio Berçot and proceeded to work in ready-to-wear, both in London and Los Angeles.
Following those experiences 
she used her creativity to launch an eponymous jewellery line, after earning a certificate at the HBJO also known as “Ecole de la rue du Louvre” in Paris. Tamara enjoyed immersing herself into arts and culture, where she would find inspiration for her collections. Grateful to have had the chance to explore both fashion and jewelry making, opportunities led her to explore words and literature, as she delved into creative arts writing.


Art Law Course: Sotheby’s International, London

Certificate in Visual Arts: Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

Certificate in Art Criticism: Central St Martins, London

Certificate in Art History: Sotheby’s International, London

Certificate in Creative Writing: London School of Journalism

Certificate in Social Media and copywriting: Central St Martins, London

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing: Université Paris Dauphine IX, Paris