Tamara writes engaging posts about sport, health and nutrition.

Eager to research fitness related subjects (ie: Wellness, physiotherapy, nutrition, and mindset), she also experiments daily with CrossFit. She has been training for 4 years now, working separately on weightlifting, gymnastics, and Strongfit in London.

Through different programmes, coaches, injuries, Regional CrossFit Media experiences, a kinesiology FRC® Certification, and the Butler and Moseley’s Explain Pain therapeutic neuroscience education seminar, she has built a strong base to expand the array of subjects she approaches in her articles.

Tamara has been contributing regularly for fitness companies and CrossFit gyms such as BoxRox, Exercise TimerSoul Rebel Athletics Australia, Crossfit 1971 London. Her articles are originals, SEO friendly, and written in British English.

For freelance collaborations please use this email: creative [at] tamaraakcay [dot] com
You can also find her on Instagram via her fitness handle @tam_akc